The Most Extreme Circus...In the World! Banned from countless countries, TV shows & venues! said LOADED Magazine

 A Certified loon!  Said METAL HAMMER magazine 

Mental!  Said Little Britain's David Walliams 

Nutter! Said TV's Ant & Dec 

A performance that make Jackass look like a Punch & Judy puppet show! Said Bloodstock Rock Festival 

Very Professional Said TV's Aleshia Dixon 

There are no illusions! No Fake Blood! Everything you see is very real! From the chainsaw in the Face! Suffocation! Human Dartboard! Face in Broken Glass and much much more unbelivable acts of sheer insanity!
A performance can be tailored for your event. With show lengths offered from 10 minute spots to a full 90 minute (approx) show. 
The show is not suitable for children or people with a weak disposition.

Photography courtesy of Mc Gig Photography. Jon Lingwood Photography & Anthony May, Festival Photography 




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